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How to be Fashionable in the Rain

Is anyone else sick of all this rain? Nashville's weather can be tricky. One Winter day can be 70 degrees and the next one 25, one day snow the next a whole lot of rain. We are in desperate need of some sunshine and would like to retire these rainy day looks... or just wear them when it's not rainy, because they're still cool. However, if it is going to rain we try to match our shoes to our umbrella! I got these new two toned vinyl heel booties from Nasty Gal for just $40! You can check them out for yourself here. I got this vinyl jacket on my recent trip to Italy. I just couldn't leave without it!

This picture is like if Tim Burton were in the Matrix... right?! The giant umbrella is from Home Depot for $4!! Honestly that's one of the most clutch pieces in our wardrobe haha. Abigail went for a monochromatic look in this white leather jacket we purchased on our trip to Madrid. The rest of the look is black on black on black.

If you hadn't noticed a go to of ours. We were running around all day today to meetings and preparing for my mothers arrival. One thing you forget about with vinyl is that it squeaks... a lot. You end up saying "it was the jacket" a lot haha. What is your version of a rainy day outfit?

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