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How to Pick the Best Wedding Dress Guest Look

For the girl at the wedding who wants to be elegant in a gown, but also look like she's still in a rock band. Notice how I'm referencing myself as "still" in a rockband. Sidenote: Does anyone want to be in my band? Picking out a dress to attend a wedding begins simply for me. What color? Black!

Okay, now that we've got that under control. Let's begin the daunting task, finding the perfect black dress out of the billions that exist. I hate wearing anything too preppy or overly femme. Leave the bows and prints and bring on the sheer and lace! It has to be edgy, sexy, but not so crazy that the bride is like who brought this you know what to the wedding. Needless to say, this Nicole Miller beauty hits the jackpot! Nicole Miller is always a go to for us WanderLust Girls when picking out evening wear. She has such a wide range that we know we can always find something we'll love. I actually had another favorite wedding look that you can see later this week on the blog! (You may have already seen a sneak peak on our Instagram. When wearing a gown most people think princess style. For some (like me) that's a bit too much. You should still feel like yourself no matter the occasion.

I've rounded up some amazing looks that you could attend a Fall/Winter wedding in below in the slider! Let me know which is your fav!

Xx, WanderLust Girls

P.S. All weddings should have a carousel. Can we make that a rule or law or something?!

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