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Jack Daniels Distillery

Fun fact: Jack Daniel started distilling whiskey at 7 years old. Fun fact #2: Jack Daniel was only 5'2" and ultimately died because he kicked a safe in frustration. I can say with confidence we know everything about whiskey (#WhiskeySnobs.)

We began our day at 9:30am in Lynchburg, TN at the Jack Daniel's distillery. If you haven't been it's totally worth it, even if you're not whiskey lovers like us. You'll be shocked at how quaint the town and distillery are. It feels more homey than like a factory. You'll tour the grounds where they make the whiskey soaked charcoal to purify (*see "whiskey for destruction" image.) Once you are in the building where everything is being made the smell is incredible! The barrel room is picturesque and they even host tasting in there. Jack Daniel's actually only uses one of their home made oak barrels just once. It was really interesting to see how far the whiskey is soaked into the wood. I had no idea that whiskey was actually clear and gets it's color and a lot of it's flavor from the barrel!

Okay, enough bragging about my whiskey knowledge. I highly recommend checking out the distillery. Plan to spend a few hours there touring, tasting eating at Mary BoBo's and most importantly giving a big kiss to Honey the towns only horse!

Xx, WanderLust Girls

P.S. We still have a couple days left here in Nashville. Make sure to follow along on our social media channels @WanderLustGirls for real time updates (i.e. yesterday's Harley Davidson event... also known as a little bit of Heaven.)

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