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Self Care Stocking Stuffers

We are so lucky to test out many beauty products, and because of that we have curated a little list of current favorites (which oddly all happen to have the same calming color scheme) that would make for perfect stocking stuffers for the self care fanatic in your life:

Price: $36

Purpose: Boosts moisture retention; smooths & brightens; diminish appearance of fine lines

We fell in love with this brand for its dedication to *real* clean beauty. Natural, organic and effective! Their simple squalane facial oil is one of our favs.

Price: $48

Purpose: Aids against hair thinning; nourishes hair follicles; removes product build-up

We just found out about this brand this week, and couldn't believe how wonderful the serum felt dropped all over our towel-dried hair. Scalp care is just as important as skincare!

Price: $14

Purpose: Stimulates blood flow to spark hair growth; removes dead skin and dirt/toxins

What's a good scalp refresh without a scalp massager? Like many, we suffer from thinning hair, which is why this lovely massager is such a treat.

Price: $66.75 (ON SALE!)

Purpose: Intense hydration; anti-aging ingredients leave skin smoother and firmer

The texture and feel of this cream is ultra-hydrating but ultra-lightweight. The application honestly feels like a giant deep breath.

Price: $36

Purpose: Exfoliating; hydrating; smoothing; brightening

Who doesn't love a good face mask. This one in particular takes care of all of your skin concerns in one!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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