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Back when we were living in NYC, we were strolling down Orchard Street after a gallery event. A storefront caught our eye with vintage gems and rock and roll fashion. It was called Any Old Iron. We played a little bit of dress up, and not long after found out it was closed. As fate would have it, we moved to Nashville, Tennessee only to find out Any Old Iron owner Andrew Clancey did the same exactly two years ago!

After only two weeks here in Nashville, we made it a point to visit the store and have a little photoshoot. We didn't need to bring along much clearly 'cus the sequins do all the talking, but we did bring this open collar chain necklace we recently picked up from a local Nashville jewelry shop called Doxahlogy.

We're lucky to be in close proximity to Doxahlogy, not only because the owner and designer Danica is a sweetheart, but because her jewelry is amazing (and affordable!) And if you're wondering, yes everyone that drove by stared at us. And if you're wondering, that's what makes it fun. Costume for life. Goodbye minimalism.

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