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The Perfect Black Wide-Brim Hat

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

We’ve all been in search of it… the elusive… perfect black wide-brim hat. We have both come so close to it time and time again, but there was always something just not right. Behold - we’ve found not one but TWO black hats that check every box. Both styles we are wearing are by American Hat Makers. We were only recently introduced to this brand, and were so eager to get the hats in the mail and place them on our heads slowly and eagerly like the crowns we think they are.

Fittingly, these styles are from the brand’s “WANDERLUST” collection. In true WanderLust Girls fashion, we immediately envisioned a stark photograph by a lake with all black attire (are you surprised) and a lace parasol. The hats were the cherry on the top. Also, when I say “by a lake” you should clearly notice we fully committed to creative photography and got into this body of water fully clothed. Nature lovers who came in search of a scenic sunset were thrown by the plausible witchcraft, but hey, you know we love raising eyebrows.Indulge in all of American Hat Makers designs HERE.

xx, Abigail

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