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The Perfect Holiday looks from Lady Black Tie

We can't resist some sparkle! Let me tell you, Lady Black Tie has got the sparkle! We saw these dresses online and were eager to see how they would fit. I think this is what the youngsters call a humble brag, but they are so flattering!! We both went for a sexy shoulder moment (the most underrated of all the bones in our opinion.) Abigail went for a classic mini while I opted for a high low giving my left leg all the glory it deserves.

With our powers combined in these sparkly numbers we have the perfect holiday looks. We will be wearing them throughout the year, but as a duo who rarely separates we can confidently say we are killing the Christmas game.

WARNING: If you start perusing their site you will have a cart FULL by the end! We are both pretty picky especially when it comes to formalwear. However, we actually had a difficult time narrowing down our favorite pieces. Luckily, since we share our closet we can pull the old switcheroo. Maybe in our next post Abigail will be donning green and I'll be rocking red. Trust us, the sequin dresses: Lady Black Tie has are *chefs kiss* aka 10/10.

Happy holiday dressing everyone!

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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