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American Legion Post 82

Is this still a secret favorite spot if I announce it on the internet? The American Legion Post 82 in Inglewood was one of the first spots we came to after moving to Nashville. Every Tuesday they host a Honky Tonk night with live bands, dancing and some of the most iconic fashion you will ever see. This spot is a hidden gem of vintage digs.

Between the decor, dancing and outfits we thought we were on a film set the first time we ever walked through the doors. We learned very quickly why this place is so special. It brings together the most eclectic group of people, which you would be hard pressed to find any other place like The Legion. If you are in Nashville on a Tuesday night get ready for cheap beer and some two-stepping! If you don't know how to dance lessons are an hour prior to the first band every Tuesday.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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