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An Evening at Villa Nuit

Would people consider me the mansion badass? Yes, they would... Well, considering the amount of times I jumped assuming my own shadow was a ghost, I don't know if "badass" would necessarily be the right word. However, I think my Harley Davidson jacket says otherwise.

Truth be told, I bought this jacket on a recent trip to Arizona at the Scottsdale Harley Davidson store. I figured if people saw me wearing a Harley jacket they would assume I own a motorcycle. Fulfilling my life long dream of people thinking of me as a person who owns a motorcycle. One guy did at the laundromat once, but I totally blew it! When this big burley man said "you ride?" I panicked and explained that I was just a big fan........... L O S E R.

Anyways, enough about my ridiculous obsession with motorcycles. I thought this jacket would be a great juxtaposition to this unbelievably gorgeous mansion we went to these past few days up in Irvington, New York. Villa Nuits was straight out of Downton Abbey. A full recap of our trip including pictures of at least 3/14 of their fireplaces, the poker room, and the most comfortable bed I have ever laid in!

I've had this Reformation dress for a few years now, which I think is important to note. (This is not an ad btw.) The styles and colors of the sleek dresses at Reformation are timeless. They are always my go to for important occasions or even just a cute Summer dress or jumper. I'm sure most of you have lots of weddings coming up, like we WanderLust Girls do, and I highly suggest Reformation... you'll definitely get your moneys worth from it.

Lastly, I apologize for the amount of babbling that has happened in this post. I'm in so much pain from carrying way too many bags on our recent trip, that I think I've stepped over to the delusional side. Always, ALWAYS get luggage with wheels. I can't wait for my new Hartmann suitcase to come! It will save me a few bottles of Motrin since we have quite a bit of travel coming up! Stay tuned...

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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