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Halloween Candy & Wine Pairing - City Winery

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

When we saw this on the City Winery Nashville calendar we were instantly intrigued. Halloween is obviously our favorite holiday. So, as you can imagine we have to get into the spirit by consuming lots and lots of Halloween candy. We never thought about pairing it with our wine (every night.) Glad we left it to the professionals...

Cabernet with Twix or Heath. The toffee and caramel were the perfect amount of sweetness for this full body red wine.

Rosé with Swedish Fish or Reese's. This may have been our favorite of the evening! The dryness of the rosé paired with the sweetness of the Swedish fish was delicious. However, if we had to pick a favorite of our favorite, it'd be the Reese's with the Rosé. Don't take our word for it. Go out and try this and then thank us in the comments below ;)

Pinot Noir with Kit Kat's or Raisinets. YUM. Most people aren't a fan of Raisinets, but how could you not be?! They are basically healthy, because of raisins... Plus, shriveled grape and stomped grape. How could they not pair well? The Kit Kat wafer was a great combo as well for this dark wine.

Last, but certainly not least Cava with Candy Corn or Gummy Bears. This sparkling wine was a splendid choice for these non-chocolate candies. Both pairings felt light and would be a great option as a pre-dinner appetizer. Yes, we have candy appetizers. We're in our 30's, we can do whatever we want now!

Such a cool experience! We cannot wait for the wine and pie pairing this November. Check out here for tickets! We will absolutely be there!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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