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My New Favorite Facial

We recently discovered luxe & luna boutique spa at the Nfocus Magazine Fresh Faces event, and were so eager to see the space and experience their premier French services.

luxe & luna boutique spa

nashville spa

nashville spa

The entryway is a beacon of serenity. White-washed walls are lined with beautiful luxury skincare products like Biologique Recherche, of which luxe & luna is the first and only day spa in Tennessee to offer the brand's world-renowned facials and products. The fragrance upon entering is instantly calming. Before our custom facials, we wandered back into the relaxation room for some cucumber water. The photos below have been brightened, but the room was much dimmer and relaxing. (Such gorgeous decor!)

spa relaxation room

spa water

After a quick conversation with my aesthetician, Shay, she knew exactly what my skin needed, and that ended up being the Intraceuticals Illuminating Oxygen Facial. Friends, I cannot recommend this enough. Pressurized oxygen is delivered through an icy cool wand that felt like a cold plunge for my face. It was not nearly as cold as a plunge, but it gave me that instantly refreshed and revitalized sensation.

luxe and luna facial

A serum is added to the oxygen infusion, and it is intricately blown over every inch of your face. I'm telling you, she didn't miss a spot! Every nook and cranny got the attention it craved. The photo below is immediately after my facial (with zero editing) and I really couldn't believe how plump and hydrated my skin was. Even my fine lines were minimized!

oxygen facial

intraceuticals oxygen

This facial includes a double cleanse, face massage, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), customized mask, oxygen infusion, and neck & shoulder massage. Need I say more? As I laid there reveling in rejuvenation, I literally imagined Shay was some super power wielding Elf from Lord of the Rings using other-worldly magic to heal me... so yeah, it's that transcendent.

biologique recherche

luxe and luna spa

Thank you to the lovely team at luxe & luna for having us. I can confidently say that is my new favorite facial. (Shay, I'm sorry I imagined you were a magical elf, but it's a compliment!)


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