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Painting Tri-Color Brick to White with Sherwin-Williams

YOU GUYS! It's almost complete! It's been 11 months since we moved into this charming 1950s red brick home, and all along we couldn't wait to modernize the sh*t out of it. What can we say... we love change. We wanted our house to stand out, but also really wanted it to look new and fresh. Our immediate thought was a clean white exterior. Our friends at Sherwin-Williams talked us through which products were appropriate for brick, and when and how to get the job done. We waited for the brutally hot Summer weather to die down here in Nashville, which shockingly was only a mere few weeks ago. The number one rule of painting is to be safe, and 95 degree weather was certainly not a good idea. Not only is it dangerous for the painter, but the humidity can really mess with the paint. We also had to wait for 2-3 days of sunshine at a time, which was frustrating because of the random spouts of rainfall Nashville has.

So, we not so patiently waited for cooler 60s and 70s and got to work! First up was a coat of primer. We had two roller brushes (9 3/4in. for rough surfaces), one roller brush extension pole, one paintbrush, one stepladder, and two ladders. Believe it or not, the whole front of the house only took us three hours. As you can see in the second photo, the primer looked very splotchy. To be safe, we went ahead and did a second coat of primer the following week - again chasing the good weather.

Finally, a few days later, we were able to use the actual paint. What a difference! The paint went on much smoother, and we were able to cover up any cracks or pores. For those wondering, yes we are going to paint the rest of the house. We simply wanted to get the "face" completed first for a photo opp! We will also be ordering black shutters and getting a new front door! We're thinking of a grey door. What are your thoughts?!

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