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What to Expect when Visiting the Cliffs of Moher

What's so beautiful and so frightening at the same time? The Cliffs of Moher! On our recent trip to Ireland Abigail and I made our way to Clare on the west side of the country to see the cliffs. It was so worth listening to the bus driver ramble for the entirety of the trip. What an incredible thing to see. We did hop over the stone fence, as did most visitors to get a bit closer to the edge (sorry mom!) I'm still a bit afraid of heights, mostly the whole plummeting into jagged rocks thing, so I still steered clear of getting too close. The last photo you can see my face as I watched other people get WAY too close to the edge. One guy actually laid on the ground, hung his body half off the side and held his phone up to take a selfie. People are so dumb.

I didn't even realize, but my look is almost completely Zara. I've been super pleased with everything they've had in their stores lately. (Super big sale going on right now btw! Worth checking out for sure.) I love the lace crop top because I'm still somewhat covered up when I pair it with these overalls. However, it still adds a little something sexy. I'm really loving me new boots. Albeit not the greatest decision to wear while hiking up and down cliffs in rainy Ireland. They're still so cool though!

Have you ever been to Ireland? I highly recommend a trip there. It is definitely one of my favorite places we've ever traveled to. Plus those accents are swoon worthy, am I right?! Check out our recent post on fun things to do/see/drink/eat while there.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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